Islam Awareness Season 2015

Our annual Islam Awareness Season (IAS) involves a campus wide initiative that aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of Islamic teachings through a number of interactive activities which draws the interest of all across campus. This includes the hosting of a professional exhibition, the deliverance of talks upon popular topics such as Islamic law, History and lifestyle given by reputable speakers, alongside other interactive activities which promote dialogue and discussion.

Such an initiative has proven to be highly valuable during an era when the media’s defamation of Islam is rife from which misconceptions and distortions take effect. It has therefore become our objective to counter the prevailing narratives so that the goodness and purity of Islam can be shared with all.

The wait is finally over!

The Loughborough ISoc IAS is now upon us. Check out our full programme to take advantage of what we have to offer;


  • Thursday 5th Feb – Yusha Evans delivers a talk on the ”True Legacy of the World’s Greatest Man: Muhammad” at 7pm in Brockington U.020.



  • Monday 9th Feb – Dr. Stef Keris delivers a talk on ”What did the Islamic Civilisation ever do for us?” at 7pm in the Edward Herbert Building (EHB) J001.



  • Tuesday 10th Feb – Mujahid Ali delivers a talk on ”Islam and Modernity: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions” at 7pm in the Edward Herbert Building (EHB) J001.



  • Wednesday 11th Feb – Campus Mosque tour, followed by a Q&A session where light refreshments will be provided. 2:30pm at Brockington Muslim Prayer Room.



  • Thursday 12th Feb – ”Dawn to Dusk: Can you last a Muslim Fast?” where we offer you the opportunity to experience a typical Muslim fast, which is conducted during the month of Ramadan. The fast will conclude at 5pm at the Brockington Muslim Prayer Room. (for more information feel free to contact



  • Thursday 12th Feb – Alima Ashfaq delivers a talk on ”Oppressing or Liberating?: Islam and Women” at 7pm in the Edward Herbert Building (EHB) J001.


Stay tuned to this page for updates and added events in IAS!