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14721547_1278339445530790_3953293772826515591_n1 Seerah Workshop (10/26/2016) - Asalaamu alaikum Brothers and Sisters After the successful Seerah workshops last year (In The Footsteps Of the Beloved PBUH), Eden Group have once again organised Seerah workshops this year for Foundation and Intermediate level starting in November 2016 at Loughborough University. Designed to look back and study the life and times of The Prophet PBUH […]
14480670_1123627104341587_7349461986203907291_o SHUFFLE – Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans (10/13/2016) - Asalaamu alaikum, LSUIS are excited to announce a talk that will be provided by likeMEDIA.tv delivered by Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans at Loughborough University on Wednesday 26th October. Location: GG Block, Building Code:GG – Room ggb001 Time: 2pm For more information and to register your attendance please click through to the link provided. https://www.facebook.com/events/1780741252166378/
14519897_1262772720420796_4131667750859641721_n1 Ashura Iftar (10/10/2016) - DAY BEFORE DAY OF ASHURA IFTAR Date: Monday 10th October (Tomorrow) Time: Talk starts at 6pm + iftar straight afterwards Location: The Prayer room DAY OF ASHURA IFTAR Date: Tuesday11 October Time: Talk starts at 6pm + iftar straight afterwards Location: The Prayer room
14519847_1261970670501001_8884319396601298878_n1 #MidlandsMassive #CW2016 (10/9/2016) - Three weeks left until the Mount Snowdon climb 😀 #CW2016#MidlandsMassive You can sign up from the Midlands under on http://charityweek.com/events/before the tickets run out!
14344918_1247608728603862_7477497868756064378_n1 Freshers’ Week 2016 (9/22/2016) - Loughborough Student’s Union Islamic Society Presents….. ******FRESHERS’ WEEK 2016****** Asalaamu alaikum our beloved Brothers and Sisters, We are excited to announce our Freshers’ Week Schedule which will be kickstarting from next week by the will of Allah! We look forward to meeting you all in our upcoming events, keep an eye out for updates and […]
13412988_1168348439863225_8500309957830499586_n1 Revival of the Hearts (6/10/2016) - Asalaamu alaikum, On the behalf of LSUIS and Eden we’d like to invite you to a very special event TOMORROW in the EHB Prayer room. Sheikh Shafi will be delivering a talk on the revival of the hearts, and this will be followed by a free iftaar for everyone! This event is open to Brothers […]
13164307_1150425654988837_3743577018273161161_n1 Ramadan Iftar Project (5/12/2016) - RAMADAN IFTAR PROJECT Donations for the Ramadan Iftar Project are now open! Our annual Iftar Project involves the serving of Iftar to staff and students in the University’s prayer room for the entirety of Ramadan. A day’s worth of food is expected to cost £150 to cover all meals for the day. Our aim is […]
13086955_1140269856004417_517361391425381971_o-1024x3791 ANNUAL SUMMER BBQ (4/26/2016) - The LSU Islamic Society cordially invite you to our 3rd Annual Summer BBQ! Take a break from studies and join us for our end-of-year social with a day packed with fun and food! To include a bouncy castle, sumo wrestling, delicious grilled food and more! Do bring your friends and families – all are welcome! […]
10389131_1108968449134558_3683071200289068816_n1 Annual Review (3/15/2016) - ANNUAL REVIEW The Loughborough Islamic Society invite you to our annual review meeting! Tomorrow – Wednesday 16th March, your ISoc will be conducting an annual review where you can get your voices heard on your experiences with us throughout the past year. Your contributions will help to improve the services we provide for you as […]
12814088_966597603393981_7509215237808438098_n1 FOSIS AGM (3/15/2016) - Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu We are excited to announce that the FOSIS AGM will be held in Loughborough University this year! A fantastic chance for the isoc to meet others from around the Midlands. There is much planned for the event and not one to be missed! If you are interested in attending […]